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Communications & PR

No matter if you are a small company or a big player – I can help you take your

communications and PR activities to the next level.

  • You need expert advice and guidance?

  • Planning on something new and need to get the word out?

  • Need an extra pair of hands during a busy period?

  • Seeking reliable support to run ongoing communication activities?

  • Looking to update your existing materials, such as your website or social media channels?

Whether you have a one-off project, need support on a freelance basis, or would like me to assist you in-house – I am here to get it done.

Here are some examples of the areas I cover:  

  • Develop a communication plan from scratch or update an existing one

  • Plan and execute communication activities for new projects, products and events

  • Assess and audit existing communication activities, channels and strategies

  • Develop and manage all on- and offline content

  • Develop PR and communication proposals and plans

  • Manage and oversee video and photography content creation

  • Execute tactics, as well as manage operational and reoccurring communication activities

Perfectly Seasoned Communications Materials Content Development

Need help with essential communication materials?

I can help create and refresh:​

  • Website content 

  • Social media content and design

  • Newsletter content and design

  • Brochure content

  • Presentation layout and content

  • Email campaigns



Strategy & Research

Every successfully executed communication and PR plan starts with thorough research and planning, including assessing and auditing your current situation. This happens even before laying out your plan's strategy and defining where you are heading and what you are out to achieve. 

By conducting proper research, I can help you get your planning phase right.  By having in-depth insight you can spend time on focusing on the best approach for getting the right results. These are just a few examples of my expertise in research and strategy:

  • Communication plan development – be it for a project, monthly, quarterly or annually

  • Channel strategy development (internal & external)

  • Thorough research to support the plan and identify opportunities:

    • Understanding the market & competitor activities

    • Identifying industry trends

    • Identifying speaking opportunities, awards and industry events  

  • Development of internal processes and procedures for PR and Communications departments 

  • Assessment and audit of current communication program, identification of gaps and opportunities


Need support in managing your next conference, seminar, or event – be it physically or digitally?


No matter if you need help in planning an event as part of a larger business strategy or need tactical support on the ground, I can offer you a variety of services, including:

  • Develop an event strategy, including integration into a larger communication plan

  • Support in the development of creative event concepts

  • Site management, including scouting and bookings

  • Planning of event logistics, incl. manpower plans

  • Staff briefings and development of briefing documents

  • Management of logistics, incl. guests, VIPs, staff and volunteers

  • Managing of media and development of dedicated activities

  • Overall project management of the event

  • Onsite event support


You need an expert to help you manage one of your marketing projects or campaigns? Or just need an extra pair of hands to get things done?  As an experienced project manager in field of marketing and communications, I offer:

  • Project guidance from start to finish

  • Resource planning and management, incl. manpower, budget and timelines

  • Task Management

  • Stakeholder communication

  • Change management and change communications

  • Reporting

If you are looking to upskill your staff or simply would like a 1:1 session to gain insight into a specific challenge or subject, I can arrange a tailored training program or coaching session.

Project Management
Training & Coaching
Perfectly Seasoned Consultation Communications

Interested in knowing more and how I can help you? 

I am available for a free initial consultation and to discuss what I can do for you. 

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